Our mission is to help kids and families practice healthy eating and active living for lifelong happiness.


In February of 2007, leaders and healthcare professionals from the Yamhill County community met to talk over an issue of local concern: There had been an increase in the number of teenagers and youths in Yamhill County living sedentary lifestyles and practicing poor nutrition behaviors. During this meeting, leaders from Linfield College, Physicians’ Medical Center, and Willamette Valley Medical Center decided to develop a coordinated and community-based approach to this issue, which lead to the formation of the Western Oregon Center for Pediatric Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (WOC). WOC is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides support and services to children and families who want to live healthy lifestyles. SNACK is a program offered by WOC.  


Student Nutrition and Activity Clinic for Kids (SNACK) provides free nutrition education and fitness opportunities to children and families in Yamhill County. 


Our staff train Linfield College interns to provide family-centered nutrition education sessions, cooking workshops, fitness and active play sessions, and community wide health events for the families in our program. Throughout these services, SNACK participants gain mentors and SNACK interns have opportunities to observe the remarkable impact they can have on the life of a child and their family. This is an important relationship and our SNACK families agree that this is one of their favorite parts of the program.

We encourage family involvement whenever possible, because we know that families are a powerful force in a child’s life. We base our curriculum on the reality that we are more likely to succeed in improving the health of a child if we also provide service and support for their family. Through our program, our hope is that every member of our families will become happier and healthier together.