We’re Recruiting! First Federal Community Internship + Spring 2018 Offerings


SNACK recently received a First Federal Community Internships award to hire a paid intern from Linfield College to help us develop training materials for cultural and poverty competency. We’re excited for this opportunity.

Since our founding in 2007, Linfield students have been a crucial part of our program. Student volunteers and entire classes carry out all of our services at all levels. In return, they have opportunities to observe the remarkable impact they can have on the life of a child and their family.

{We’re recruiting for Spring 2018! Visit Linfield’s Career Development Site and click Cat Connect on the left toolbar for more information.}

2017 SNACK Interns with Janet Peterson at the Portland Bubble Run

From Fall 2016 – Spring 2017, over 200 Linfield students donated nearly 1,000┬áhours of direct service to our community through SNACK programming, serving over 500 children and their families. We love this collaboration and could not have this impact without it!

Internship Spotlight: Jaime Rodden

  • SNACK Intern since 2016
  • Lead SNACK Intern since 2017
  • Over 200 hours of service

“Interning for the SNACK Program has been a highlight of my college experience. It has helped me develop professionally and led me to feel confident in my abilities moving forward into a career. After graduation I plan to apply to Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant graduate programs. I would like to someday work with athletes in a sports medicine field as well as coach cross country and track and field. The SNACK Program has provided me with hands on experience I will be able to used moving forward into graduate school and further on into my career. I am very grateful for the mentors I have had the opportunity to work with, the families I have educated, the friends I have made, and the one-of-a-kind hands on experience the SNACK Program internship provides.”

For more information about our SNACK Interns, click here.