‘S’ is for Student

Hello everyone and welcome to our new Spring 2018 blog series! You may think you know all there is to know about SNACK–after all, you found our website, right? But do you know all of the people who are involved in this program and make all we do  possible? This spring, we want to share with you all of the faces behind SNACK and how we work together to help improve the lifestyle and well-being of kiddos and families in the Yamhill County area.

To start things off, we’d like to share with you how important our Linfield College interns are. These Linfield students serve as the backbone of our program. They are the ones who lead our nutrition sessions and various events. Our Linfield interns are a part of our team for a semester at a time and often choose to continue longer.

Our lead intern, Jaime R. (Linfield ‘18), has been with us since the fall of 2016.  “Joining the SNACK team was one of the best decisions I made while at Linfield. I have learned more than I ever could have imagined, from using Electronic Medical Records to event planning and communicating with both health professionals and patients. I am so grateful for the mentors and patients I have had the opportunity to work with.”

Upon signing up to be a participant in the SNACK program, kids and families get matched up with two interns, who will take them through a series of nutrition education sessions. Through this exchange, our Linfield interns develop a relationship with the kids that they serve. “My favorite thing so far has to be the fact that I get to work with kids and see them learn about fitness and nutrition. It is so rewarding to have a patient come back excited to announce they completed their goal from the week before.” -Tomie T., SNACK Intern since February 2018

Not only do our interns help with our nutrition education sessions, but they also lead all our events outside of the office. Every month we host cooking workshops at the community kitchen at Yamhill Community Action Partnership, led by Jaime with the help of our other interns. The interns that help with cooking workshops are different each month, so make sure you sign up to be a SNACK participant and come to the workshops to know all of our interns better! Our Linfield interns also put on our Get Active In Nature (GAINS) run club series each spring, summer and fall. The Spring 2018 series will run (literally 😉) every Thursday from 5:15 to 6:30pm at Discovery Meadows Community Park in McMinnville. “One of my favorite memories from a SNACK event was over the summer. It was a hot sunny day, and one of our last days of GAINS. We had a water balloon fight and were all running around throwing water balloons at each other. It was just a good day.” –Kaylee C., SNACK Intern since June 2017

Our Linfield interns are always looking to improve their knowledge in order to better help the kids and families that we serve. Each week, they read and respond to an article that relates to their internship in some way. They also attend events that aim to further develop their skills in working with children. “My favorite thing about SNACK is being able to work with families on changing their lifestyles for the better. It makes me really happy to see someone come into the office with the drive and confidence to say, ‘I need to change my life and I need help doing it’.” -Chris P., SNACK Intern since February 2018

Here at SNACK, we are very thankful for our Linfield interns. We value them as a huge part of what we do, and we know that our program families do too. Just look how much fun we all have together.


With love,
The SNACK Program


To meet all of our Spring 2018 interns, visit our intern about page!